CS:GO Trashtalk Generator

Do you like to ruin your matches?
Are you in general: A dick?
Well, this tool is for you!


Key to send a trashtalk message.

Message Sets


Placeholder command. Can be used through the developer console (~).
Prefix for chatbinds. Eg: trashtalk69. Can also be used through the CS:GO console.


Get Started

  1. Make sure CS:GO is closed.
  2. Navigate to your CS:GO configuration folder. This folder is usually located at:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<Steam ID>\730\local\cfg\
  3. Create a new empty file called trashtalker.cfg
  4. Make SURE you save this, and all upcoming files as .cfg and NOT .txt
  5. Paste your generated content in this file, save it and close.
  6. Open autoexec.cfg (If you don't have it yet, create it.)
  7. On a new line at the bottom, paste: exec trashtalker.cfg Save it and close.
  8. Open config.cfg and paste: exec autoexec.cfg Save it and close.
  9. Start CS:GO, enter a game and have some fun!

Things you should know:

  • Use this script at your own risk! I have been using this for years without any consequences but you might attract penalties or a lower trustfactor if you overuse the bind.
  • The command "say", which is used to send chat messages, is rate limited. This means that if you spam with the bind, you might skip some messages becasue CS:GO is ignoring your attempt to send a chat message.
  • Other actions bound to the same key as you are binding the trahstalker wo will very likely be overwritten.
  • Messages containing "\n" are "multilined". This means the complete message consists of multiple lines which will have to be executed seperately by you.
  • Messages listed in this tool DO NOT reflect my personal views!
  • Again, DO NOT OVERUSE IT. It's fun to send a message to the chat once in a while, but spamming them too hard will ruin the effect of it.