I’m Jeffrey!


Hello, I am Jeffrey Koopman!

I am a 17 year old developer, ethical hacker and electrical engineer who loves trying out new things and has a big passion for electronics. I love writing code, hacking websites as a service and working on coding projects with friends. I have alot of experience working on websites and protecting them against hackers. I'm an ethical hacker who has been hired before to test and protect systems against hackers and defacers. As a bit of a plottwist, I dropped out of school to start my education as an electrical engineer. I have lots of passion for the things I do and I couldn't think of a life without them. I NEVER deliver any project I've created without thoroughly glitch testing them. My name stands for quality and liability of anything I produce, maintain or modify.

Got any questions or even want to hire me? Contact me right here and we'll get started!

Basic Information

  • Name:

    Jeffrey Koopman

  • Date of Birth:

    20 October, 1999

  • Place of Birth:

    Den Helder, The Netherlands

  • Languages:

    Dutch, English

  • Gender:



Electrical Engineering
C, C# and C++
Dutch Language (Native)
English Language

Education and Certificates

Pre-University Education (VWO)
(Scholen Aan Zee), Den Helder, 2011 - 2015

After 4 years of this school, I found out I wasn't made for this kind of education and transferred to the local Electrical Engineering school to finish my education and to start working.

VCA Basis (SCC)
(Pontifex), Den Helder, Valid until 18-08-2025

Passed the Dutch Official SCC (Safety Basics) exam.

(W3Schools), Supervised at school, Passed at 15-06-2016

Finished my HTML exam with a convincing 90% success rate. Can be verified at this page.

(W3Schools), Supervised at school, Passed at 04-06-2016

Finished my PHP exam with a well earned 86% success rate. Can be verified at this page.

Electrical Engineering
(Current education), Den Helder, 2015 - now

Senior student Electrical Engineering on the Dutch MBO level education.

Working Experience

Electrical Engineering - [2015]
Electrical engineering including control panels and motor control centers.

In 2015, I started my electrical engineering schooling. In the past year or so, I've gained alot of experience in building, designing and managing control units.

Electronics - [2006]
(Personal Interest)

As a little kid, I always took apart several electronic devices and tried to understand them. Throughout the years, I've gained alot of experience in taking apart devices, understanding them and even repairing them to be brand new!

Computers (Hardware) - [2008]
(Personal Interest)

As a little kid I've always had the fascination for electronics in computers. I took apart old PC's and tried to understand the way they work. In 2012 I started creating customized desktop PC's for people customized to their needs. Please take a look at the image next to this post. This is my own, custom built PC.

Overall Coder - [2011]
(Personal Interest)

As a kid, I've always had the logical eye of a coder. Since then, I wrote millions of lines of code. All from small sorting applications to complex calculating algorithms and file manipulating. I'm working on expanding my GitHub page, go have a look over here.

Java Development [Minecraft plugins] - [2012]
(Personal Interest)

As a 12 year old, I was pretty fascinated by the game "Minecraft". As a natural born coder, I started developing multiplayer servers and using other people's plugins. After some time, I realised not all plugins met your personal needs... So I started learning Java and creating custom plugins. (Some of these can be downloaded at this page.) These utilities vary from small simple plugins, to huge and complex plugins (Mostly confedential commercial plugins)

Video editing (YouTuber) - [2014]
(Personal Interest)

Somewhere in the middle of 2014, I decided to start a YouTube channel. I've gained alot of video editing experience with Sony Vegas and some with Adobe Premiere. My YouTube channel (Dutch) can be viewed right here.


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